About us

Mateusz Bialas
Electro-Automation Specialist

I am a bachelor of electrical engineering. Since 2014 I work in Maritime
Industry. I have gain five years of sea experience at different types of
vessels. For example, I have sailed at Ro-Ro, Ferry, Container, and Heavy Lift.
The scope of my expertise was wide, from High Voltage to Lan networks. This
gives me a lot of knowledge about vessel systems.

Therefore, with all my practical experience, I have decided to start design
better vessels. Currently I am working as Senior Automation Systems Engineer,
on the research of autonomous solutions in the maritime industry. I have
established vesselautomation.com, to

Mateusz Dziuba
Electro-Automation Specialist

I am Master of Science in Electro-Automation and active ETO with experience on Maritime and Offshore vessels since 2014. I have sailed on container ships, FPSO, pipe-laying vessel, AHTS, EERV, PSVs, OCV, and subsea support vessel, which give me deep understanding of ships systems and vessel specific equipment. As my heart was always beating towards control systems, frequency drives and instrumentation, while mind was focus on problem solving I slowly start transferring into commissioning and site management roles, but still wanted to remain associated with sea. Currently I am working as Commissioning Engineer in WW Technic, where I am commissioning power generation drive systems.

At this point Vessel Automation crossed my way and opened my eyes for the wider picture. It is my chance to enthuse another people to learn and understand engineering, self-develop and change the world by sharing my own knowledge and experience, in meantime serving as my personal technical notebook. I hope You will enjoy our company during that journey!

“You cannot endow even the best machine with initiative.”

Walter Lippmann