About me

I am a bachelor of electrical engineering. Since 2014 I work at sea as a Fully certified ETO. I have gain five years of sea experience at different types of vessels. For example, I have sailed at Ro-Ro, Ferry, Container, and Heavy Lift. The scope of my expertise was wide, from High Voltage to Lan networks. This gives me a lot of knowledge about vessel systems.

After that, I have left the sea. Therefore, with all my practical experience, I have decided to start design better vessels. Meanwhile, I have started a job as Senior Design Engineer in the Electrical and Automation Department. At this time I started to think, how I can share my knowledge and experience.

As a result, vesselautomation.com was born, to help others with technical problems. In addition, I show that difficult technical subjects can be solved and explained easily. I am a seeker of new solutions. Enthusiast of automation and continuous development. Pragmatic as hell.

Mateusz Białas
Electrical Engineer

“You cannot endow even the best machine with initiative.”

Walter Lippmann